The fastest websites are powered by Laravel and I am 100% focused on it.

I am an experienced Laravel Developer and Expert from Germany and I create commercially successful apps based on Laravel.

I provide Laravel programming to businesses that have Staff Augmentation or Laravel project-based needs.

I am a Laravel Expert

I’ve dedicated my youth and over a decade of my adulthood to solve problems through software.

I freelanced on projects for the German Lottery and built apps that are used by thousands of people every day.

My passion is web development. And for the past 5 years, I have been focusing on one framework in particular: Laravel 😍

It’s the most flexible PHP framework. With Laravel, I can literally build anything me and my clients dream of.

Besides being a professional software developer, I am holding two university degrees. One in business administration and one in business information systems.

I am also holding computer science certificates from Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, SAP and ISTQB.


Why You Should Hire Me

I believe in clean code and high-speed apps with commercial intent. Not too long ago, I created an eCommerce system based on Laravel.

It is quite like Shopify. Except, I wanted to outperform Shopify on speed! Because I know successful websites are super-fast!

This is where Laravel shines bright like a diamond!

Because under the hood, Laravel provides some awesome features to speed up your website.

Speed Experiment

I’ve analyzed 157 Shopify websites with GTmetrix to see their load time. I also used PageSpeed Insights to see how Google rates these websites in terms of PageSpeed.

The average load time was 5 seconds and the average PageSpeed score was 64 out of 100. These are pretty bad results!

According to Google, your website has to load within 3 seconds. Otherwise, you lose 1 in 4 visitors.

My Laravel websites load in under 3 seconds and hold PageSpeed scores of 90 and above. So, I outperformed Shopify with tailored Laravel development!

gtmetrix-nicoengler-io pagespeed-insights-nicoengler-io

Plus, you’ll never get near to these results with a CMS like WordPress. At least not out of the box! WordPress is fun but did you know that it is one of the slowest systems?

Don't take my words - That's what Backlinko found in a recent study.

I really dug into optimizing speed for my eCommerce sites and created tools for Laravel to automate the speed optimization process.

I care so much about speed now, that I created a side business where I help companies, who got stuck with their slow website. Click here to check it out!

Why Companies Work With Me

Companies work with me because I deliver what I promise. Super-fast, awesome looking and converting Laravel apps.

In my opinion, customers value my communication process. I ensure that I can meet your expectations and goals before you pay me anything. In fact, I am very upfront if a project does not fit into my schedule!

Also, I have a solid marketing background. Chances are you came to my site through PPC ads...

... and this is exactly how my brain functions: I create apps and websites with commercial intent in mind.

I work on a fixed rate for most projects. There are no hidden or unforeseen costs that’d quadruple your budget.

Here's an actual copy-pasted email from a recent client. I focused on optimizing their website for a high Google PageSpeed score.


Your work is truly outstanding! I learned a lot just by reading you report.

We are satisfied with a 95 for mobile and 99 for desktop. And “satisfied” would be an understatement!

By all means, feel free to use my words as a customer testimonial wherever you see fit.


We will be working together again soon once our new project is far enough along for you to optimize. That will likely be in a couple of months.

Thank you,

Take care,

John D. Fekula, President

Exam Edge, LLC

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I am a Laravel expert from Germany and I know how Laravel works under the hood. So, I know exactly whether Laravel is the right fit for your project.

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I help companies to create super-fast and commercially successful web applications based on Laravel.

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