The fastest websites are powered by Laravel and I am focused on it.

I am an experienced Laravel Developer and Expert from Germany and I create commercially successful apps based on Laravel.

I offer Laravel programming to businesses that have Staff Augmentation or Laravel project-based needs.

About Me

Like father, like son. My father knew that I am a creator before I knew it. As a child, I always followed him around fixing broken things inside the house. Back then, he taught me how to solve problems. My parents helped other businesses for over 3 decades and they always encouraged me to follow my passion and do the same. I am so happy that I’ve already found it 16 years ago. Since then, I love to solve problems through software.

Like you, I am tech enthusiast with programming skills and the ability to make stuff work. I have worked with startups of all types in Europe and the US, using every major language, platform and operating system. Because I love working with startups so much, I am now expanding my network on Upwork. Whether you need someone to strategize with you, expand your team, putting in late hours of writing code or just a candid, yet professional discussion about your vision, I really have only one goal on Upwork: using technology to make YOUR life easier and YOUR business thrive.

Let’s talk about building your next web site or desktop application. I am a full stack / full-service programmer. So, I can implement your vision and put it right in front of people through a browser, a phone, a server or the cloud. If you are like me, you have a bunch of post-its around you with great ideas. And that’s how all great businesses start: With a great idea in mind or scribbled on a post-it. From there, I help you figuring out which technology works best for your vision and see if I’ll be able to help. My help in turning your vision into reality comprises frontend programming, backend programming, mobile programming and desktop programming.

Listen, I am not a “code geek”. Nor a “programming language admirer” and nobody who just knows one platform in and out. I am not a “PHP guy” or a “Laravel guy”, or a “.NET guy” or a “software testing guy”, though I know and work with all those things. I rather use the technology and development practices that match your specific vision.

I have a formal education and a few fancy degrees from university, but that’s not what you need most.

I like to be known as your thoughtful and capable, competent senior developer and tech lead. I am not the black and white kind of guy but rather walk through the industry in full color. I adapt to your specific situation. I like to be known as the guy who sits down with you and talks plainly about your goals and who strategically plans out how technology helps you to reach them. Listen, I know exactly what I can and what I can’t do. If I am the right fit, I say so. If I am not the right person, I will tell you that too. No hard feelings. Again, I love to help, and you hear only my most authentic truth. I only work on your vision if I truly believe in it.

Think of me as the “gets it done guy”. Finishing an IT project does not only require just programming skills but instead actually knowing how to finish a job. Knowing how to coordinate talent and orchestrate different technologies is what I am awesome at. And that’s crucial!

It’s been my privilege to work on software for top 7 figure companies in Germany like the German Lottery Association and many uprising startups. Becoming a part of your vision is my full-time occupation.

Technology is moving fast. I constantly learn new ways and approaches to find solution that help you avoid costly mistakes and rework. Right now, I have particular expertise in building fast websites using Laravel. In 2019, I led a team and built an eCommerce platform that outperforms all big players in this industry on website loading speed. With more and more people using mobile devices to shop, running a super-fast store got us the competitive advantage. Not only desktop, mobile and web apps have been created under my leadership. I am also the guy who lays out the underlying infrastructure and just builds it.

Now in case you are not convinced by now that I know my tech, here are the things I love right now. My clients and I love Flutter, VueJS, Material UI, Node.js Laravel, AWS/Google cloud, WordPress, .NET and WPF Foundation. Work samples of desktop software used by thousands of people right now and every day? You betcha. Fastest eCommerce platform? Covered. Beautiful looking apps for Android and iOS? Oh yeah.

I love making responsive sites using cutting-edge technology. I am all about being the first crossing the finish line. With responsive I am not only talking mobile-responsiveness but also speed-responsiveness. Think about it – do you love waiting in line or would you take the fast lane? I know .NET and web development in and out. Look, technology is ever-changing, and I have the thing you want most in a programmer: someone who is excited about your vision and loves to try new things to find your competitive advantage.

Now let’s work. Every new client gets a risk-free trial.


Your work is truly outstanding! I learned a lot just by reading you report.

We are satisfied with a 95 for mobile and 99 for desktop. And “satisfied” would be an understatement!

By all means, feel free to use my words as a customer testimonial wherever you see fit.


We will be working together again soon once our new project is far enough along for you to optimize. That will likely be in a couple of months.

Thank you,

Take care,

John D. Fekula, President

Exam Edge, LLC

★ I am Your Gets It Done Guy ★
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